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Your Guide to Painting a Brick Fireplace in Massachusetts

Massachusetts homeowners have enjoyed their beautiful fireplaces. Change the look of a room with a freshly painted fireplace done right

Your Guide to Painting a Brick Fireplace Weymouth, MA
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Oct 21, 2022

Freshen The Look Of Your Room

Painting (or repainting) a fireplace can instantly transform the space, whether the fireplace is in your bedroom, living room or den. Thankfully, painting a brick fireplace is a relatively simple interior painting project that many homeowners can tackle themselves if they have the tools, patience and time.

However, it’s always best to hire a professional painter in Westwood MA to paint your brick fireplace for precision. For you DIY’ers out there: here is a look at the process. There are three main steps: clean…prime…paint. It may appear pretty straightforward, but the finished product will rely heavily on adherence to the details.

Preparing the Brick

Before you even pick up a brush, you have to first clean the surface. All you need is some soap and warm water to get rid of built-up dirt, soot, ash or debris. Use a wire brush to facilitate the process. The more dirt you can remove from the brick and grout, the smoother finish you will get.

After washing the surface, allow the brick to dry completely. You could also use a handheld vacuum to suck up any leftover dust or debris. Next, tape off any edges or corners where the fireplace meets the wall, floor, or trim.

Choose the Right Paint

You have many choices when it comes to fireplace paint. The one you choose will depend on how often you plan to use the fireplace and frequency of usage. First, consider the sheen you want, which is basically how shiny the paint is and the amount of light it reflects. Higher sheens are obviously shinier, giving off more light, while lower sheens are more subtle and subdued.

If you still want to use your fireplace after you paint it, go with a paint that is heat resistant. This way, the paintwork will last longer and do a better job of protecting your fireplace without blistering.


If you use certain high-temperature paints, you may not have to prime the surface beforehand. Always read the manufacturer’s instructions first, though. For all other types of paint, you will need to prime the area first. This will help the paint adhere to the brick. Because brick is porous, you may have to apply a couple of primer coats.

The reason you need so much primer is for added protection, as your fireplace comes into contact with more humidity than other areas of your home thanks to the chimney’s connection to the outdoors. Humidity can actually stain brick that hasn’t been properly primed.

Choosing the Right Color

Now it’s time to pick the right color for your fireplace. In general, neutral colors have the most staying power and will complement the most décors. For modern styles, go with white or black paint to result in a cleaner, bolder look for the space. Beige, gray and taupe work well with traditional styles.

Whether you’re looking to whitewash your fireplace, restore the natural brick color, or paint it as an accent wall, the possibilities are endless!

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