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Top Tips For Painting Trim

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Top Tips For Painting Trim - Weymouth, MA
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Dec 22, 2022

Painting Your Homes Trim

Painting may look easy on the surface, but the truth is, there’s a lot of detail work that goes into a seamless paint job. Just ask any pro: the devil is in the details. That includes trim work, which isn’t as easy as you think to do.

Taking your time and going step by step will ensure the overall job looks professional and mess-free. The biggest mistake you can make when painting is to rush. It’s always best to hire a professional painter in Plymouth, Hanover and Braintree, MA area for trim work, but here are some tips if you decide to go the DIY route.

Clean the Area

You would be surprised at how much dust can accumulate on trim areas such as baseboards. Failing to clean these areas will result in a bubbly, gritty paint job. To protect the paint once applied, hang around doorways to keep dust from compromising your new paint job.

Painting Baseboard with Carpet

Baseboards are always tricky to paint, especially if you have carpet. Try to pull back the carpet’s tack strip first. If you can’t, you will have to paint the trim with the carpet in place. Use a paint shield or carpet shield for protection. If you are up for a challenge, remove the baseboard, paint it, then put it back once dry.

Use a Quality Sandpaper

You’re best off using a black sandpaper coated with silicon carbide instead of the standard-issue brown type. It will just last longer and won’t get gunky. With foam sanding sponges, you can clean corners and hard to reach spots.

Paint Carefully

Press lightly with a two-inch angled brush, applying the paint in a single stroke in a single direction on the trim’s widest part. Go slow so your application is even and smooth. Raise your brush to feather the edge into a previously-painted area so you don’t leave any obvious lines between the two.

Do Touch Ups

After you have allowed the first coat of paint to dry, touch up areas that look uneven or that don’t have enough paint. Once you have applied the final coat, remove the tape and let the trim dry for 24 hours before you start painting your walls.

Use Painter’s Tape

Using low-tack blue painter's tape, line your trim and then cut in right up to the edge. Try not to cross over it. Use a fully loaded brush to within two inches of the tape, but then go much lighter as you approach the tape. This way, the paint won’t seep under the tape and ruin your perfect lines.

When masking off baseboards with painter's tape, peel it off once dry but within the same day of painting. Try running a blade along it first to make the process easier. Score the tape’s edge between the wall and the top of the baseboard with a putty knife.

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Need help painting the trim in your interior spaces? No problem. Our Hanover, Plymouth and Needham, MA painters have lots of experience with all aspects of interior painting, including all trim work. To schedule a free consultation and quote, contact us at 781-901-2294 today.

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