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Is Repairing Damaged Plaster Worth It? Weymouth, MA

Plaster and drywall repair is a crucial part of preparing your home prior to your interior paint project

Is Repairing Damaged Plaster Worth It? - Weymouth, MA
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Sept 30, 2022

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The short answer is yes. If you’re planning on repainting one or more rooms in your home, you may have found some holes, dents, dings, stains, cracks and other imperfections as you began to prep the space to be painted. Don’t assume these imperfections are no big deal and that you can just paint over them.

You should repair damaged plaster before painting it, as a properly prepared surface will ensure your walls are structurally sound while also allowing the new paint to adhere to it. So be sure to repair the plaster and use primer before beginning any painting project. Your Weymouth, South Shore interior painters know how to prep a wall surface, including repairing plaster, before putting on a coat of paint.

The Importance of Plaster Repair

There are many reasons why it’s important to make repairs to your plaster and/or drywall before painting.

  • 1. It ensures the surface you wish to paint will complement and accept the paint.
  • 2. It ensures the longevity of both the surface and the paint. Damaged walls affect the plaster’s integrity, so don’t ignore this problem and simply paint over the damage. Damaged plaster can chip, crack or bubble over time.
  • 3. It ensures the structural integrity of your walls and surrounding areas.
  • 4. It ensures a uniform, smooth wall for aesthetic purposes.

Know the Origin of Damage

Before you start repairing the plaster, investigate the reason behind the damage. You may only be seeing the surface result of more costly damage behind the walls, such as leaks from broken pipes. In this case, you will need to repair the root cause of the problem first, such as cleaning up the water damage, having the pipes fixed, and removing saturated or soiled insulation.

If there has been water damage that has resulted in a stain but you are not planning on replacing the whole wall, at least paint the stained areas with primer before adding a coat of paint. Plaster repair isn’t as easy as drywall repair. Plaster, unlike drywall, is applied in layers. If not done correctly, the end result could affect the look and function of the wall. Always hire a professional painter or plaster repair expert to do the job.

Who Should You Hire?

First, do your research. Get some quotes on local interior painters and them compare them. Make sure the ones you choose also specialize in plaster repair. In addition to the repair job, it’s crucial to apply a high-quality latex paint over the area that was fixed. The cost you will pay to hire a plaster specialist will vary by the extent of the damage and where it’s located. In the end, it’s better to spend the money now to repair the wall than worry about more costly damage down the line.

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