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What Colors Are Best For a Baby Nursery? Weymouth, MA

There are many more options than just blue, pink or yellow. Here are some unique suggestions.

What Colors Are Best For a Baby Nursery? - Weymouth, MA
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June 25, 2022

Best Colors For a Baby Nursery

So you just found out you’re having a baby. Congratulations are in order! Now the big decisions have to be made. Will you breast feed or formula feed? Daycare or quit your job and stay home? Names, schools, clothing, education…you can drive yourself mad thinking about all these things.

One thing that shouldn’t be hard is to decide on a baby room color. There are many more options than just blue, pink or yellow. Here are some unique suggestions that you can discuss with your Framingham interior painter.


Red has been known to increase athletic ability. It’s certainly energizing. But it can also increase aggression, give you headaches, and make it harder to focus. So while you probably shouldn’t use vibrant red on the walls, there’s no reason why you can’t add some red accents throughout the nursery.


Orange, a warm and comforting color, puts people at ease. This friendly and social color also inspires communication. But sometimes, it can get over-stimulating and even spur hunger. Use orange as an accent color instead of an overall theme.


This is a classic color that is very cheerful, happy, sunny and energizing; however, it can agitate babies. Go with softer yellows to inspire concentration and provide balance, using it in moderation.


A soothing, calming color, green signifies health and nature. Because green evokes a sense of serenity and promotes thinking and concentration, this is a good main color to use on the walls.


This is a calming color known to lower heart rate and blood pressure while lowering feelings of anxiety and aggression. It’s been said that blue can help with sleep and calming down tantrums. Just be mindful of the shade you choose, as blue-gray evokes sadness and bright royal is overwhelming.


Purple has similar emotions to red or blue, both colors contained in purple. It works better with rich fabrics. You’re best off with a pastel purple, which evokes calm feelings.


Pink is associated with femininity, while evoking empathy, as well as calming and soothing feelings. Pink can get overwhelming and irritating in large doses or bright colors, so tone it down.


Gray encourages thought, emotion and introspection, but can also bring on sadness and loneliness. Be sure to blend warm gray tones offset with a brighter color.

In the end, the color you choose will depend on the baby’s gender and your own personal preferences. The most important thing is to choose a color that connects you with your baby and makes you feel good.

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