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How to Choose Paint Colors For Your Bathroom Weymouth, MA

Choosing the perfect paint color and type of paint to use for your bathroom may seem difficult.

Choosing the Right Paint Colors For Your Bathroom Hanover, MA
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April 15, 2022

Choosing The Right Paint Colors For Your Bathroom

It’s never easy choosing paint colors for any room of your house, but when it comes to the bathroom, you may be taking even more pause. You need to choose the right type of interior paint that will fare well in a high-moisture environment, and the color you choose needs to evoke a sense of peace and relaxation.

The color paint and type of interior paint designed for bathrooms you ultimately select will be with you for a very long time, so take some time to reflect on the choice. With a multitude of shades out there, how do you know which ones are best for a bathroom? We want to guide you in the right direction, so check out these tips.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Paint

There are many factors to keep in mind before choosing a color for your bathroom, such as:

  • Lighting: One color can look vastly different under different light conditions, such as artificial light vs. natural light. That means it can look different in the store than it does on your walls. Bring a paint swatch or two from the store and tape them to your wall. Observe the color during different times of day before you commit to a particular shade.
  • Flooring: It’s important to choose a wall color that will complement your flooring. While it’s not too hard to match a wall color to a neutral tile floor in white or gray, things get trickier when you have a non-traditional floor color, which can really limit your wall color options.
  • Color scheme: Your vanity and cabinets are also permanent structures that you can’t switch out, so you will have to choose a complementary wall color to match them. Consult with a color wheel or your trusted South Shore painter to ensure the color you choose doesn’t clash with the focal points of your room.
  • Room size: Consider how big or small your bathroom is. A bright or bold shade may work well in a small powder room but can be absolutely overwhelming in a master bathroom. A roomy bathroom can be made cozier by going with a darker shade on the ceiling than on the walls.

The Most Popular Bathroom Paint Colors for 2022

Check out the most popular bathroom paint colors for Massachusetts homes in 2022 so you can narrow down your search.

How to Choose Paint Colors For Your Bathroom Weymouth, MA

A. Warm Gray Paint Color

You really can’t go wrong with this shade of grey paint, no matter what your theme is or the size of the bathroom is. Not only can it elevate and modernize any room, it matches with virtually any color or feature.

B. Sage Paint Color

Use this blue-green-gray hybrid when you want a touch of color but you don’t want to go too bold. Sage paint is a New England classic cherished by Massachusetts homeowners

C. Navy Blue Paint

Dark bathroom paint colors are great for some bathrooms but not for others. If you have a lot of natural light and white accents, go for it. But it you have a small bathroom or one without any windows, it may not be such a good idea because it’s already so dark in there.

D. Blush Color

This is a classic interior paint color that infuses bathrooms with coziness and grace. Pair your pink toilet room with black and white accents for a modern look.

E. Powder Blue

It’s appropriate that you would select a powder blue paint color for a powder room. It’s always been popular -- and for good reason. It gives a sense of calm and peace, equating your walls with the color of a beautiful blue sky.

F. White Paint

It’s still a classic in 2022. The bright hue of a white wall color does wonders when counteracting with darker accents, cabinetry, accessories and hardware. Anything goes with a white bathroom – you can accessorize in a myriad of ways to let your true personality shine through.

Choosing bathroom paint colors doesn’t have to be daunting. Just consider paint colors that speak to you and that represent serenity.

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