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Is it Better to Paint or Stain Your Deck? Weymouth, MA

Old home here in Massachusetts have wooden decks and porches. We will cover the differences of paint and stain

Is it Better to Paint or Stain Your Deck? - Weymouth, MA
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May 15, 2022

Should I Paint or Stain My Deck?

If you have a deck, you may be unsure whether you should paint or stain it. The answer you come up with will depend on the results you want. You may assume either one would be appropriate and even offer the same benefits, but there are big differences between staining a deck and painting a deck.

Here are some pros and cons of each.

Benefits of Painting a Deck

Painting your deck will:

  • Painting your deck will:
  • Provide durability for your wood planks
  • Protect the wood
  • Help your deck resist mold and rot
  • Help your deck resist sun and UV ray damage
  • Make it easier to upkeep and clean your deck
  • Create a firm shell for your wood planks
  • Can restore your deck, as it fills in gaps and cracks
  • Give you a wide range of colors to choose from

Drawbacks of Painting a Deck

There are many cons to painting a deck as well.

  • You could create a slippery surface
  • It’s not possible to switch between paint and sealants
  • You will mask the natural look and texture of your wood deck

Benefits of Staining a Deck

If you choose to stain your deck, this will:

  • Retain a more natural looking finish
  • Allow you to switch from sealer to stain
  • Cause a less slippery surface
  • Be simpler to work with than paint
  • Be more forgiving if you make a mistake
  • Give you a wide range of stain hues, from dark to light

Drawbacks of Staining a Deck

  • You can’t fill in cracks and gaps
  • Stain has a shorter life expectancy than paint

Why You Need a Professional to Paint or Stain Your Deck

If you’re still on the fence about painting vs. staining your deck, a professional South Shore painter will be able to assess the condition of your deck, talk with you about your goals, and make the best suggestion possible.

You may think you can DIY the painting or staining job, but this is rarely a good idea. Professional painters will:




  • Clean your deck to properly prepare it for paint or stain application
  • Tell you if there are any rotten boards that must be replaced
  • Stabilize loose nails or boards
  • Strip boards of original finishes if applicable
  • Make sure there are no stray paint or sealant streaks on exterior walls
  • Apply preservative applications prior to painting
  • Prime the surface boards
  • Clean up the work area after completing the job
  • Give you advice on color and sealing options

It takes a lot of hard work and time to paint or stain a deck. Whatever you choose, make sure it’s done right by hiring a pro.

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