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Protecting Your Pets While You Paint Weymouth, MA

Create a pet friendly environment while you paint your home or office

Protecting Your Pets While You Paint - Weymouth, MA
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Mar 14, 2023

Pets & Painting

If you’re thinking of tackling a painting project and you have pets, you may wonder how you can keep them safe throughout the process. Just like kids, pets can get in the way when a painting project is going on. They could knock over paint, brush up against a freshly painted wall, or just get underfoot and cause a trip hazard.

While you paint, here are some tips for protecting your pets -- not to mention you, your family and the paint job itself.

What to Ask Before Painting With Pets

Here are some questions to ask yourself before you start to paint, or before you hire a professional painter in Weymouth on the South Shore, MA.

1. How Many Rooms Are You Painting?

If you’re just painting one room or a confined area of the house, you can put your fluffy companion in another room with plenty of water, food and toys. This is the easiest and safest scenario, provided you check on them often. Make sure the room is well ventilated and be sure to take them for a walk once in a while to stretch their legs.

2. Do You Have Friends and Family Nearby?

If you have a neighbor, friend or family member who lives nearby and loves animals, you could hire them to watch your pets while you paint. Heck, they may even accept a pizza payment. This is another safe route to go. Your pet will be out of the house or at least occupied so you don’t have the guilt of leaving them alone in a room.

3. What Kind of Paint Are You Using?

If you decide to keep your pets contained in another room, you need to consider what kind of paint products you’ll be using. When it comes to interior painting, it’s best to use low or zero-VOC formulas that are environmentally-friendly and low-odor. This will not only be better for your pet but for you and your family as well.

Whether you end up DIY’ing the paint job or you hire a professional, keep a close eye on your pets after the project is done and you’re left with a fresh paint job on the walls and trim. Pets are naturally curious and will want to explore. They could lick the surface, brush up against it or lie on it. They may even jump up onto freshly painted shelves.

Keep them out of the room in question and keep them confined to other rooms at least until the paint is completely dry.

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Our interior painters in Weston, Weymouth and Plymouth, MA areas are experienced with all kinds of residential painting projects, so whether you have pets or not, we can help you out. If you want a free quote, just contact us at 781-901-2294 today.

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