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Why is Fall a Great Time to Paint Your House? Weymouth, MA

In Massachusetts the weather is just perfect for painting your home. Low humidity and bright sunny days here on the South Shore

Why is Fall a Great Time to Paint Your House? - Weymouth, MA
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Sept 28, 2022

Fall Is an Ideal ime to Paint in Massachusetts

In general, fall is a great time to tackle any home improvement, as the weather has cooled a bit, you have more time than over the summer when vacations normally take place, and the conditions are more comfortable. This is no less true when it comes to exterior painting projects for your Weymouth home.

With lower temperatures and humidity, fall is an ideal time to start that painting project you’ve had in mind for a while now. Here are some reasons why there’s no better time than now to paint.

Benefits of Painting Now

The weather needs to cooperate if you will have any hope of a successful exterior painting project. Too rainy or hot? The paint will fail to dry or cure correctly. This is why you shouldn’t paint in summer due to the heat and humidity, or in spring when it’s rainy season.

Fall Temperatures

Fall has the perfect temperatures for exterior painting. Thanks to the cooler air, your painters will be more comfortable working for long hours outside without the hot sun bearing down on them. Plus, extremely hot temperatures may make paint dry unevenly.

Painting the interior of your home is easier in the fall too because you can open the windows to let out the fumes and facilitate drying. Once winter sets in, this isn’t possible.

Moisture and Humidity

Moisture is another big factor to consider when you are about to paint your home, whether the interior or exterior. That’s because the paint has to be able to dry properly while bonding to the surface. Always apply paint to dry surfaces, never moist.

Humidity affects the paint’s application and longevity. In fall, humidity levels dissipate so your paint can dry properly, resulting in durability of the finish. You will enjoy a better looking paint job for longer periods of time.

Reduced Chance of Rain

While it can rain any time of the year in New England, it doesn’t seem to rain quite as much in fall as it does in, say, spring. Because moisture doesn’t allow the paint to dry and bond as well, you may face delays caused by rainy days. This means your project can drag on for days or weeks in other seasons, whereby in fall, it may be done quite quickly.

Prepare for the Holidays

The winter months have all the major holidays, and as a result can get quite busy and chaotic. Painting your house in fall means you will have it all done before the chaos of the holidays hits. Also, holidays are busy for painters in general, so booking your project well ahead of time will ensure you get the slot you want before you have to entertain for the season.


In the same vein, fall is a slower season than spring and summer for painters, which means you may get lower rates and better choice of slots when you hire painters in autumn. Painters tend to be more flexible on scheduling and pricing so you may find yourself with a deal.

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